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Dealing With a Security Breach in Hotmail/Outlook Accounts

Regardless of the emails service that you are using, hacking incidents can be damaging to not just your account but also to your reputation as the hacker may use your account for illicit activities. let's see what you should and should not do when such a thing strikes your account.
Hotmail password hacked: Immediate solution 

If you have just noticed a hackign problem with your accont or are suspecting such a problem then use the hotmail password recovery or the account recovery method straight away. the password recovery method will enable you to prove your rightful identity as the owner of your account and then you will be able to change your password even if the hacker has blocked access by changing it. the security settings like your Hotmail registered mobile number, secondary email address will help a lot here. Similar is the case with account recovery in which you will be able to get access to your account even if the hacker has hindered the same for you through unauthorised alterations. 

There are some instructions that Hotmail Technical Support experts give to the users for finding out whether or not your account was hacked. here they are:

this depends on your own security settings. let's see what can be circumstances.

•Do you have your 2 step security verification process activated? if yes, you will receive a confirmation code on your hotmail registered mobile number to login to the other computer using which hacker is trying to get into your account. In absence of a 2 step security verification process, you won't receive any such code.

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•If acocunt has been hacked into, there is a fair chance that hacker changed your password. this means, you will be locekd out  of your own account because that password that you were using wounld't work anymore. Also, remember that you are using the right password as the problem may also be of a forgotten password or a typographical issue.

•If your password has not been changed by the hacker but you still suspect a breach then sign in and scrutinise your login history and look for any unusual or unknown Ip locations.

Do's for Hotmail password hacked situation 

•Reset your password or recover your account to get access to your hacked account without any delay.
•If the processes listed above don't work, notify either the third party or Hotmail technical support team immediatley about the hacking so the account can be recovered by them and any unauthorised, illicit activity can be stopped in time.
•If resetting of password, recovery of account works, then update information in your account on a priority basis. add backup information for contact details to your account. 

•Activate the 2 step verification process.

•Make it a habit to routinely examine the login histroy to keep an eye out. 


the one and only thing that you should not do when such a problem occurs is: leaving the matter just like that and account inactive and not informing the officail team for customer support. Always seek official help to get any matter in Hotmail sorted. 

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